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Detox or Cleansing? The important things to remember !

Hi ladies!

It seems like everywhere you turn in the health world, there is a new and upcoming cleanse somewhere to be tried. The thought process behind cleanses and detoxes are to replace solid foods with your water concoctions, herbal teas, or just fresh green juices. This eliminates all toxins out of the body, making you feel more energetic, giving more clarity in your skin, and so many other things.

Detoxes and cleanses may no be for everyone. If you have an ailment of some sort, I’d recommend talking to your doctor first before moving forward with a cleanse. I try to do a cleanse every month for at least 3-4 days, and I’ve even done the 9 day cleanse by Isagenix , which is amazing. I currently drink a full bottle every day of my water mixed with cayenne pepper, lemon, and honey. I’m currently taking the HUM nutrition supplements, which are amazing  also. It’s all about what works best with your body. There hasn’t been any proven evidence that detoxes and cleanses actually work, but truthfully I feel so wonderful after completing mine. I would do research on any cleanse or detox before trying them. Detoxes and cleanses can cause headaches, GI distress, frequent bowel movements, and flu like symptoms on the first couple days of a detox.

On the other hand, doing a small cleanse or detox can help eliminate food sensitivities The last thing you want to do is do a cleanse simply to lose weight. It doesn’t work, and if it does, its very short term. The minute you go back to your normal diet, you will start putting weight back on, so I advise not to do that. The best way to lose weight is through working out, and eating a healthy diet .One important task to remember is to drink loads of water when doing a cleanse or detox. This helps unwanted toxins move through the body quicker. Ive done a few cleanses where I feel like I’ m coming down with the flu, but its really the reaction to the cleanse. These are some important things to keep in mind if you are thinking of detoxing.  If you are one that works full time , you may want to start a small detox on the weekend so there is no place to be. This will give you time to see how your body will react to the cleanse.  Make sure its something you have thought about, and researched before trying one. They are not made for everyone! FullSizeRender (112)

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