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Simple ways to Dodge those Migraines

Hi Ladies!

We all get headaches from time to time, and some of us even suffer from Migraine headaches every now and then. The ultimate head crushers that can come along when we least expect it. They can be causes from a number of things including hormones, allergies to certain foods, dehydration, and so much more. Its always important to ask for an allergy test when you visit your doctor next. It is a simple test and will help you know if there is anything you need to stay a way from .

There are some great ways to keep those migraines at bay, or at least help with them. I know many women who struggle with them to the point where they get sick to their stomach. If it is really bad to that point, you may want to see your doctor. They could be caused by an underlying condition.

  • Add Magnesium to your Diet, or Take a Magnesium supplement. – You may not know this, but a low magnesium level in your body can bring on the worst of headaches. Magnesium is very important to our well being, so adding in more magnesium rich foods, or adding a supplement can help keep those headaches at bay. Magnesium helps with the blood flow to our brains. It keeps everything in tact.
  • Drink tons of water- I cant express enough how much water we need to be drinking on a daily basis. Dehydration can cause for our blood vessels to constrict ,giving us a horrible headache. Its best to be drinking tons of water all day long. I drink at least 64 oz. daily. This gives me energy, cuts back on dehydration, and keeps the toxins flushing out. Keep a water bottle with you all day long.

    Sip that Ginger- Ginger is a great tea to add to your daily diet. Its not only for upset stomachs, its for helping with blood flow to the brain also. It helps with instant relief for those headaches. If you mix with lemon juice, or water , its a perfect formula for stopping or relieving those headaches.

    These simple tips will help you on your way to feeling great, and keeping those migraines down. We are all prone to them from time to time. Little things like these can really help combat the pain.

    Adding magnesium will help combat the worst migraines