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Fred Segal .. The blend review for Beauty

Hi ladies!

Finding the perfect perfume has always been on the difficult side, or it seems very stressful at times. Whether you are buying a perfume for a gift , or for yourself, it always seems so overwhelming. There are perfumes that are too harsh , or just to sweet smelling. It seems it takes a good hour just to find that perfect aroma . I recently stumbled in to Sephora in Chicago as usual, and found the Fred Segal The Blend Kit, and honestly fell in love. What is so great about this kit , is that all the fragrances are oils and I absolutely love how they absorb into the skin. They provide you will all these amazing recipes, so that you can mix and match the oils you want to come up with that perfect scent.

The oils are just to die for. They all have their own unique aroma, and whether you are looking for something more musky, or more sweet they have it. It is on the more pricier side. One vial is 25.00, but the whole kit is 150.00. This kit will last you a very long time, because it’s not going to take a lot for you to smell the divine aromas that those vials have to offer. This kit would make the perfect gift for any woman that loves a good oil perfume. I feel oils absorb fairly quickly and last a lot longer than the traditional spray on perfume. I feel the spray on perfumes can be a bit too much .Today would be a great day to go shopping ! Enjoy!