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Grab that cup of Joe.. Benefits of coffee

Hi ladies!

Coffee has long been around for many of years, and personally speaking I need at least a cup every morning, before my workouts, and I feel it actually helps me with my workouts. I feel that work out harder, and when I leave, I feel great. Who doesn’t love a good sweat everyday? We hear in the news the on and off opinions of coffee. I am no doctor, but I have had enough training in the field of health to know that coffee is actually good for you. I am not saying to go and drink 5 glasses every morning ( which I know some people that do), but actually drinking a glass every morning, or a few glasses during the week can do your body some good.

pexels-photo-54283Coffee is known to improve energy levels. Why do you think you see so many supplements out there that contain caffeine. Caffeine can be abused if its used the wrong way, but Having that one glass can actually improve your energy , and give you more during your workouts. Caffeine is so widely used in this world, and a lot of it is the energy that it can give you. If it is abused, you can crash and burn everyday like a sugar rush. We don’t want to do that to our bodies. Caffeine blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitters in our brain that uplifts us, and gives us the energy.

Recent studies suggest that caffeine helps burn fat. Yes we can look around at all the “fat burners” on the market today, and see that caffeine is the number one ingredient. I DO NOT agree with taking those, or anything like that for that matter. You do not know what they can do to you, and to your health. Drinking a cup of coffee has shown to boost the metabolic rate by 3-11%, and in turn boosts metabolism burning. Drinking that cup of joe not only improves your physical performance, but makes fat cells break down body fat.

Studies also show that drinking your daily cup can lower your risk of diabetes by 23-50%, and help with reducing the chances of developing Alzheimers. Not only that, but did you know that coffee has some great vitamins in it, such as Riboflavin. Pantothenic Acid, Manganese, and Niacin.

There are a lot of critics out there on the aspects of caffeine, and drinking coffee, but with the health benefits that it shows, I do not know how your cup of joe can hurt. I do not advise on taking any sort of fat burning supplement, as they can be filled with horrible ingredients. A great source of caffeine also is Green Tea, which I have talked about in recent posts. Them both being used , is a great compliment for your health. food-plate-coffee-cup


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