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Healthy pancakes with three ingredients..

Hi ladies.

One breakfast setting that my daughter absolutely loves is pancakes. The problem is, I cant stand the processed mixes you find in the stores on the shelves, which are totally horrible for your health. I recently came across a recipe, thanks to pinterest, that is a pancake recipe, only consisting of three ingredients, yes, that’s what I said, which means its super quick, and very easy. I tried them this past weekend, and they were a hit. As my son is a super health nut, he doesn’t eat pancakes, but he did try these, and he loved them. This recipe is great for anyone that is super busy, or just wants a quick fix for pancakes.

1 banana ( I use organic)

2 cage free organic eggs.

3 tbsp. cinnamon. ( do not use cinnamon sugar. I use ground cinnamon. you can add more, if you like yours stronger.


Combine all the ingredients  together in a bowl, until it is a thick consistency. Then make your pancakes. I love topping mine with fruit, and a cacao nib dressing ( which will be up on my blog this week. It is so yummy , but yet healthy. Yu can also add walnuts or almonds to your topping. Enjoy!food-drink-breakfast-eat (1)

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