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Kombucha ..Drink to your health

Kombucha tea has long been in the health world as being one of the greatest drinks that you can give yourself. It is on a variety of shelves in many health stores as  a ready to drink health supplement. I actually drink one everyday, and I have never felt better. There are many reasons to drink this , as it has many health benefits.It is fermented by yeast, and can be bought in green or black teas.


Kombucha is known for its detoxifying  effects on the liver, and through out the body. It alkalizes the body through out, as it it loaded with so many amazing antioxidants. It gives the body a more internal balanced PH through out your systems. Kombucha is loaded with B1, B6, B12 vitamins, and helps fight the bodies depression. This is a great product to add to any clean way of eating or cleansing.


Kombucha is also known to counter act free radicals that can create chaos in your digestive tract. There is so much that goes through our digestive tract on a daily basis, and giving our digestive system good bacteria will help alleviate any on going stress in there. This is a huge probiotic, and as we all know probiotics are amazing for our digestive system.


Caffeine replacement

Kombucha is a great caffeine replacement also. If you are one that is trying to get the caffeine out of your system, then kombucha may be for you. Kombucha reduces the caffeine effects in your system, and according to recent studies, people that drank kombucha for a total of 2 months, had a reduced need for any type of caffeine. kombucha is not an alcohol ferment like beer, but their are small traces of alcohol through out he kombucha drink, and it has been known to give your system feelings of joy, and decreased amounts of stress.

Kombucha can be made in many ways. It can be made in the comfort of your own home, or cold kombucha drinks can be bought at any health food store. Kombucha is wonderful when blended with smoothies, or even added to your salads, instead of your normal salad dressing.coffee-cup-bed-bedroom


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