My All-Time Favorite Facial Oils

Facial Oils are My All-Time Favorite Item when it comes to Skincare. I absolutely love cleaning my face and the feeling your skin gets when using a good oil. I have used so many oils in my lifetime and it has taken me a long time to find my all time favorites. I love trying out new products on my skin, but when I get attached to one, WATCH OUT! I will be buying it until the end of my days. Facial oils are so great for the skin. They help with the cleansing aspect and putting good nutrients into your skin. My skin feels fresh and clean when using the right kind of facial oils. Here are my TOP favorites and why!

The Best Oils For The Face

TATCHA Facial Oil

This is my Number 1 All-Time Favorite. This is a multi tasker when it comes to your skin. Its perfect for ALL skin types and helps with dryness and dullness. This is perfect for the Winter months. My skin gets so dry in the winter, and I always need a good oil to help with it. I use this day and night in the winter, and I cant tell you how much I love it. It is made from the extra virgin Japanese Camellia Oil. The seeds are cold pressed To extract the essential oil. It consists of 23-Karat Gold flakes which I feel is what gives your skin the amazing glow. It also consists of Licorice Extract which is known to calm the skin. Tatcha rocks in all areas, but this oil is top notch.

SKII Facial Treatment Oil

This is on the more expensive side, but I cant tell you how great this is either. This is my next favorite. It is very nourishing and it gives your skin such a hydration that doesn’t leave your skin greasy. I know a lot of oils that leave your skin looking like you could fry an egg on it. This isn’t one of them. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and helps to plump the skin. I definitely felt my skin looked plumper after using this. It is more expensive, but you pay for what you get. I promise you wouldnt be disappointed .

Bare Essentials Eternalixir Skin Volumizing Oil Serum

This isn’t as expensive as the other two which is a plus. It does last you a very long time because it doesn’t require much use to gain full benefits. It helps to promote a youthful appearance and has many nourishing properties. It has added calcium to help strengthen the skin. This also has a great smell to it. The Baobab seed oil that it is infused with helps to hydrate and helps with skin cell renewal. If you are one that doesnt want to break the bank, this may be your oil choice.

OLIVE and M Facial Oil

I fell in love with the owners of this amazing line when I went to the Austin Fashion show a few years back. I couldn’t believe what this oil did for my skin. It smells amazing and doesn’t break the bank either. It is infusedwith so many different oils loaded with vitamins and minerals that your skin is drenched with hydration. You wouldn’t be disappointed with this line.


The Reasons I Love Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine has been around for years and we are seeing more and more practices that incorporate the science around it. I have been studying Ayurvedic Medicine for close to five years. I do it simply because I love incorporating it into my own life. The practices are fulfilling , and I feel it has made me a more healthier person over all.

Ayurvedic Medicine uses plants, herbs and spices as herbal remedies. I think my medicine cabinet has about every spice and herb known to man. I use lots of spices and herbs also in my cooking. Herbal remedies also can be taken in many forms. You can use them in teas, soups, and in decoction. I have incorporated many of them in my everyday living.

I feel for years Herbs and Human Health go hand in hand. We know fruits and vegetables are essential for good health, but herbs have many medicinal values on the human body. They are loaded with enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins. We know all of these componets are essential for optimal health. I have always been one that looks into alternative routes before heading to the local doctor. There is many things naturally that have helped me overcome health issues. Spices are also herbs with many medicinal values. We see many times how Turmeric has become a huge health spice. It is helping with many ailments. I have long been on Turmeric and I love what it has done for me.

Herbs are also being made every day in bath and body treatments. It’s because people are seeing real health results with these amazing herbs. Companies are wanting to get them in their products. If they are making people feel good on the inside, then you know they are going to help on the outside. Herbs and Spices have changed my life, and Im now incorporating more natural skincare into my daily routine. You start noticing when your using natural products, you experience no rashes, breakouts, or any type of skin disorders. That right there should tell you something.

I long have know the realization between natural and unnatural. Ayurvedic Medicine can be used in many aspects of your life . It is helpful in living a more natural, healthy lifestyle without the use of preservatives and fillers. I am still practicing new and upcoming ayurvedic practices to incorporate into my life. I will always live by the Ayurvedic Way. It just works best for my lifestyle.


The Plant Based Diet and Why I Chose It.

Plant Based Diets are on the Rise, and I can see why. I have been eating fresh vegetables. and grains for about two months now, and I’m addicted. Plant based for me was the right move. I use to eat a lot of chicken, thinking it was healthy. I truly thought it was something I needed for protein. Boy, was I wrong. I have never been a milk drinker other than almond milk. I couldn’t digest it properly. It seemed every time I drank it, my stomach issues would set in. I finally did away with milk. I haven’t drank milk in probably eight years. If I make me my green juice or green shake daily, I use almond milk. I have finally got my family adapted to it also. It’s funny how my stomach issues are gone.


I started doing research on chicken and even watched a documentary on it. It blew my mind what I found out. I found that most chickens are raised in over-stuffed coops, and living on floors covered in excrement. It occurred to me that most of these chickens are stressed out because of these conditions with very little immunity. The poultry processing is very rough. They use toxic chemicals to clean all the poultry . We are literally ingesting it.

The part that I couldn’t wrap my head around was the waste associated with poultry production. It takes roughly 600 gallons of water and six pounds of grain to produce very little chicken. That is truly insane. I realized that over time it’s not just good for us, but not very good for our environment. I grew up eating chicken, and as I have gotten older, I knew chicken wasn’t agreeing with my system. I felt very tired after eating just a small amount, and I would start having stomach upset like no other.


I knew I had to change something. The more I ate chicken, the more I realized how much my system was upset. The dairy and meat portion for me was enough. I didn’t want it any longer after doing more and more research. It occurred to me that my system was rejecting it. I then decided to try the Sakara 10 Day cleanse. The cleanse changed my life and my thinking. I knew at that moment I didn’t need animal meat any longer. I started making every single meal out of wholesome, unprocessed foods. My skin looked amazing, my body felt amazing and I was full of energy. I’ve always been a huge fitness nut, but it rose to a whole new level. I lost 6-7 pounds. I started focusing on plant based foods. I also realized certain products are simply not healthy.

I started researching some amazing recipes through Pinterest.

I have since then started my own little recipe book with only my favorite recipes that are purely plant based. I make a lot of my own meals, but I truly enjoy it. If you feel you want to try a Plant Based Diet or try some recipes, you can do it.

  • Start out small. You will not be able to make the change over night. If you grew up liking something that was fed to you for a long period, it will take a bit to adjust not having it.
  • Take one meal a day and try Plant Based. There are millions of recipes that are so delicious. You may think its hard to eat Plant Based, but it was the Best decision I ever made for my health and I.
  • Try taking out one item a day that isn’t plant based and see how you do. Like I said, start Slow.
  • Invest in some Good Recipe Books. My favorite is the new Sakara Eat Clean Play Dirty Cookbook.

Plant Based Diets in my mind aren’t a diet. It’s a way of Life. It’s my Way of Life.


Patriotic Fashion With The Flag Shirt

Fashion comes in many forms, and one thing I love is wearing the right kind of fashion to represent me and who I am. I love showing how Patriotic I am, and the American Flag represents it perfectly. I am loving the Patriotic Shirts

They have so many amazing fashion pieces for both men and women. I particularly love the women’s tank top. This can be worn with just about anything, and look great. I think it’s a perfect addition to the upcoming Fourth Of July Holiday. There is no better day to show off some good Patriotic fashion. The one componet I love about these shirts is that they can be worn everyday. They also offer leggings too for women.

The Men’s shirts are also perfect. They come in many designs and these can be worn with a great pair of shorts or even jeans for a night out. I think these shirts are made perfect to fit any body type. Check out these amazing pieces !


How Does Your Face Hold Up Against The Weather

Your face goes through a lot – by nature, it’s designed to do so! You use the features on your head and face to see everything around you, to hear the conversations on the street and the music you love, to eat by the load or by the diet, and to breathe, and it’s one of the fastest healing places on your entire body. You face the world with your face, and it’s how people come to know you and love you, most of the time.

Which is why it’s important to know what your face goes through when it comes to the weather. If you know how the outside elements affect your skin on one of the most commonly exposed places of your body, you can better prepare to combat the effects. And that means you can have softer, supple, younger looking skin – it’s something a lot of companies seem to think they can offer us in a bottle, so why not think about the more natural ways to achieve this?

So here’s to being aware of how your face is affected by what goes on in the outside world. For the sake of some very common, and very annoying, chapped lips at the least, why not give these points a read through?


In the Spring and the Fall

The autumn and spring months can be lovely. They’re a time of pumpkin spice and everything nice, or they’re a time of rebirth and renewal, and cleaning out your entire house! But they’re also a time of low humidity, and brittle air around us. Sure, the sun can come out early, or still be out, and you’re still going to need some UV blocking here and there, but you’re going to need plenty of moisturiser too. Make sure you go beauty cream shopping sometime after the New Year, or after Labor Day!

Humidity climbs up and down rapidly and unpredictably during these seasonal months, and it can cause a wild reaction in your skin as a result. You skin can start to dry, or it can suddenly break out in blotches of spots; humid air causes you to sweat buckets, and gets your pores all blocked up, but dry air causes your blood vessels to restrict and dry out your skin glands as a result.

In the Summer

Two words to start us off: UV rays. The sun is out nearly 24/7 in the summer, and there’s a lot of sun exposure to go around because of it. And that can be bad for your face in large doses! Sure, you want to hit the beach as much as possible, and you’re going for long and lovely walks in the equally as lovely weather, but you need to temper this a little.

Sunlight is good for us, of course. It enriches our skin with vitamins, and makes sure we get plenty of Vitamin D for strong bones too. But when you’re out under its gaze for a full 8 to 12 hours, you can do yourself some damage. Sunburn, of course, varying from mild to serious, with huge red patches potentially appearing all over your body if you’re a fair skinned person. The skin here won’t restore to a safe level for at least 6 months after this. But there’s even a chance of DNA damage, according to the UVB rays the sun gives out as well.

So, two more words to continue this: sun cream. When you apply a good layer of this every morning before you go out, you’ve got a good couple hours of protection. When you take the bottle with you, and keep applying as you go, you can have a whole day of easy and ongoing protection covering your face! It’s a cheap and easy way to keep you skin soft and unweathered, and there’s even small bottles you can pack in your day bag for whenever you’re going out.

In the Winter

The winter is a harsh season, and probably the harshest on this list. During the winter, early humans who came long before us would bed down in their caves and huts and wait the time out, venturing out only when needed, and sleeping and eating as they rested until the spring started to emerge. But in the modern day and age, society goes on, and so do its expectations! You still have to get up for work, or if you’re a parent, get the kids to school. You have to go about your days as normal, and fight off the brittle cold as you go.

And that can be incredibly damaging to your face and its features. Cold weather can make our noses run like mad as we’re walking, and you might be stopping every 5 minutes or so to rummage for a tissue. Then comes your eyes, which can steam up and run dry because of the pelting breeze you’re outside in, and you might need to purchase some drops from the chemist to keep you seeing straight. You can become ill very easily, because the conditions outside assault your immune system as well!

But when it comes to your face, it’s your lips that suffer the worst, and you might just be noticing more markings or would be wrinkles appearing around and across your upper lips because of the cold and bluster.

During the winter, the moisture in the air is completely sucked away. It’s a dry atmosphere, and it isn’t humid like the summer can be. You won’t be prone to acne, but you are going to be extremely dehydrated, and you’ll be dehydrated a lot faster too – be sure to pack a water bottle in your bag even in during the winter!

How is Your Face Faring?

The seasons can have a huge effect on your face, and they’re always going to. But you don’t have to suffer through it, especially when you know what’s actually going on behind the scenes. Go and show the world your smile!