Detoxing daily is so important when keeping our immune systems in tip top shape. Everyday we are running into polluted areas in so many ways. It’s in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the products we use and being around other people in general. It’s important to instill daily rituals that help boost our immunity.

I have four daily habits that I do everyday , and the meaning of habit is, I have been doing these every day for the past year, that they have become a part of my life. I encourage you to find some rituals that help keep that immunity boosted.

– Drink warm lemon water every morning- I drink this every morning the minute I wake up. Warm lemon water flushes toxins, and rejuvenates the liver. It helps flush your digestive tract and gives your body so much hydration. Try to drink this in place of your coffee. 

-Drink H20 all day long- yes I said all day long. It keeps your body hydrated and continually flushes toxins out of your body. It helps to keep you energized as your day goes by. I keep water with me all day and I infuse it with fruit.

– Meditate for 10 minutes every morning. I can’t be tell you how Much this has helped with my focus and overall well being. I’m the first one up , so this is how I start My mornings.  I also read the devotion for the day out of my favorite devotional bible.

– Take a probiotic daily. Do you know that 70 % of our immunity lives in our gut? Take a probiotic and make sure you are eating gut healthy foods daily.

The smallest , healthiest changes can do a world of difference for your immune system.


The New H&M Studio line of 2017 has been released, and it couldn’t be more beautiful. I will be posting some of my favorites later this week on my Instagram. The line which in my opinion is classy with clean lines is an inspiration from the outdoors . The Men’s line is exceptional, and the women’s line is tasteful yet elegant. 

The line includes cute beanie hats, leather trousers, pleated dress slacks, and gorgeous dresses. I’ve posted below a few of my favorite pieces that I have ordered. Check out my Instagram later this week on some great fall looks. You can check out this exclusive line at


Hello Sephora Lovers! If you are anything like me, shopping at Sephora is always an exciting adventure. You plan on buying a few things you need, and end up walking out with a whole bag full of goodies. Well as long as I’ve been shopping there for my favorite mascara, Dior, I have found many of the Sephora hacks to be of necessity, and helpful. First off, I hope you know that you can set up an appointment at any time to go in and get a total makeover. If you are unsure of makeup colors and such, let a Sephora consultant help you with that. Here are some great perks to your favorite store. Nars Blush

*** Become a Beauty Insider ****  They have one of the BEST loyalty programs . If you are a member ( which is free) it gets you a free birthday gift, free samples, and you get free 2 day shipping when you become a VIB ( very important Beauty insider). The more you buy, the more points you accumulate, and then you get your pick of some fabulous products. Their loyalty program is the BEST!

*****Always Follow Sephora on Social Media*** They are always offering fun things daily. They offer discounts, giveaways, and free points. Check their outlets daily.

******Buy discounted gift cards**** My absolute favorite hack. You can purchase gift cards that people are selling, and redeem them online through Its the best. I have saved money more times than I can count, and it doesn’t hurt to try these if you are a Sephora junkie like me. Get shopping!


We live in a world today where skin pollution is everywhere. It can be the sun, products that we use, the food we eat, and in the air generally. As you know , aging is happening to us everyday. A great deal of the signs we see from aging is from skin pollution itself. It gets in our pores, over all it can cause the skin to rebel in ways we do not like. I started recently using the BEST anti -pollution product after relentlessly trying everything under the sun. I finally found a product that I absolutely love, and I think you would too. The Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE City smart SPF 50 is amazing. I love it because it is lightweight, and full of antioxidants. I have very sensitive skin, so I really have to watch what I put on it. It not only protects your skin from those pesky rays, and pollution, but also helps strengthen your skin too. We all need that as we age. This item is full of many antioxidants that helps fight aging. One of the first things you need to be doing every day is applying a good sun screen that helps fight against pollution. If you are a person with sensitive skin also, you may like this. If you have tried this and it isn’t your cup of tea, well then find something that is full of pollution fighters, and has a high SPF rating. It doesn’t matter if it seems cloudy out, sunscreen is just as important as what you put in your mouth . Melanoma is on the rise, and a good product with good protection sustainability is vital. Anti-skin pollution products and sunscreen go hand in hand for beautiful skin.  There are many ways you can age in number , but still have flawless, gorgeous , healthy skin as the years go by. 


We all know how important adding fitness in to our lives are. For me anyway, it helps me focus, makes my days better, and overall gives me more energy. If you are adding fitness into your daily schedules, kudos to you! As you know, getting some type of of physical fitness in every day will definitely help your body as it ages, but there are three tips that I live by, and I feel they are more important than exercise. These tips will add years to your life , and will definitely give you better quality.

Cook at home- cooking at home let’s you be in control of what goes in your mouth. Restaurants everywhere use so many types of fats and it really can add extra calories and wreak  havoc on your waistline and your health. They use so many preservatives to give their food taste. If you are dining out, request to know exactly how your food is cooked. I always ask about my orders. It’s your only right. If you aren’t a huge cook, play around a bit with new recipes and find what you love. There is nothing like a good bottle of wine and cooking in your kitchen with a little French music playing. 

Kill that stress away- who needs it right? We live once! Go out and do the things that kill that stress. Schedule a massage, go get your nails done, head out for a day of shopping with a friend. I think doesn’t necessarily have to be any of those. Simply grabbing a meditation or yoga class is divine. Stress management is important also as we age. Stress kills , and I’m talking long term. It puts stress on our minds , bodies, and spirits. Even turning the radio up full blast and dancing in your living room , being goofy is fun. My daughter and I do it all the time. 

Find joy in everyday. JOY is happiness , plain and simple. If you are talking a walk in the park, or buying the car in front Of you a Starbucks, brings joy.  Life is short, and joyous moments are what count. It’s the memories your making, and the times you will remember. 

These tips to me are what make your bodies, minds and spirits stay balanced, and if they are all in balance, then we reach the stage of optimal health. Take the time everyday to be thankful , and count the blessings in your life. Slow down a bit and enjoy the little things.